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Managed IT Services - London-based managed IT service.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Sonar IT is a different kind of managed IT service provider and is the best solution for all your critical IT needs at a fraction of the cost of doing it all in house.

Avoid maintenance problems, security issues, and expensive downtime with our one-stop-shop support company.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

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Sonar IT is an all-in-one managed service provider that encompasses all IT systems elements.

From cyber security services over vulnerability management and cloud computing to outsourced IT support, and everything else in between your company, employees, and customers may need.

Outsource all or some parts of your internal IT department to reduce costs and simplify IT operations.

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Support services in London 24/7

We pride ourselves on delivering a one-of-a-kind customer experience from day one of our managed IT support London.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.
United Kingdom-managed IT services
London-based 24/7 service desk

Many IT infrastructure providers in London promise that your call will be answered right away. But the question is BY WHOM? 

At Sonar IT, we have a professional London based service desk exclusively staffed with professionally trained IT services technicians who will solve your support tickets right on the spot.

IT help desk solutions can help your business in so many ways like nothing else, so make sure you are getting the best one.

Remote IT support partner

Are you tired of lost passwords, inability to connect to a wireless network, frozen or slow computers, inability to print important files, slow business growth, wrong software applications, and so on and so forth?

We can solve these annoying problems remotely by utilising modern software and tools.

Even more, Sonar IT remote support services include repairs of applications, quick troubleshooting, installation of cloud services and software, and much more, keeping your personnel and business continuity up and running at a reasonable price.

24/7 On-site support

While most IT support solutions and tasks can be performed remotely, there are still some problems that require an on site IT support partner.

Sonar IT always has technicians with specialist knowledge on standby to help you with problems we cannot solve from our office.

Talk to our IT manager about our regularly scheduled on-site support offers, and our project management team will help you choose the IT services your company needs most at a fixed monthly cost.

Workstation and server management

One of the best ways to keep your business safe from frequent cyberattacks and make everything work smoothly is to keep your operating systems, software, and tools up to date.

If you lack the staff to stay up with new features, Sonar IT support London IT services provider will take over responsibility for your servers and workstations to ensure business continuity.

Network monitoring, tracking, and management

Keep your entire IT system operating at top performance with Sonar IT round-the-clock IT environment monitoring, tracking, and management services.

From teeny tiny components of your network like switches, firewalls, and routers to more complex ones, our sophisticated system detects and alerts failures in your IT environment.

Best of breed IT services

Count on Sonar IT's fully managed IT services to help you with developing and implementing valuable IT plans and projects in charge of empowering your business day to day operations and IT team efficiency.

Our uncomparable IT team can diligently work with you hand in hand and lead you step by step throughout the process of building a plan with a fixed monthly cost that guarantees your IT endeavours are on a budget and digital transformation is completed on time.

Get the most out of your operations

Sonar IT can help your in house IT department escape the burden of extreme workload and capture maximum performance from your investment.

Proactive maintenance

The best defence is a good offence. That's what you get with Sonar IT managed IT services.

We will keep your systems up to date and regularly update the most vulnerable parts of your IT systems.

By doing so, our systems manager prevents dozens of problems that lead to crashes and downtimes that cost your company more than you realise.

Contact us today, minimise those problems, and run your systems efficiently and properly.

See how we do IT differently

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

SonarIT - Testimonials.

David Bott

"Spoke to someone from Sonar about an annoying issue I was having with my emails, the employee was really understanding and helped me quickly resolve this issue. Would recommend to anyone”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Jennifer Walter

“Brilliant timely response which is crucial when needed. I would definitely recommend, I have tried and tested others but sonar far outweighs them and no need to change now. Expertise and understanding is what you receive”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Karin van de Laar

“Me and my team have been working with Sonar IT for a couple of months now and have been impressed with their commitment, quality and overall approach. They have been a lifesaver at times responding quickly to queries and have managed and implemented a large migration piece of work for us. They are thorough and professional. I can especially recommend working with Nick, always calm and professional no matter the situation.”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Mr. Emmanuel .B. Acheampong

“Well, Josh Bevis, is terribly intelligent and ingenious to all fields of I.T, and his rapport and in-depth knowledge are astonishing, wow! If it were not for him, I would be lost in technology indefinitely, thank you.
Finally, Just like Russell Crowe's portrayal of the mathematician, Mr. Bevis, has got a beautiful mind with regards to Information Technology. Hence, he is the next Bill Gates for sure.”

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Dedicated technical account manager

Upgrade your business with your personal technical account manager that works closely with the project team to take care of technical parts and make sure your IT infrastructure is constantly updated and secured.

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Customised solutions

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all managed IT services. That's why with Sonar IT you never have to buy more than your business really needs.

Choose from implementing one/two/ or three managed services to back up your existing IT department capabilities or on the other end of the spectrum, choose our fully managed IT support services that can manage your entire IT system.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Cloud solutions

Is your company finding it difficult to keep up with frequent shifts in technology and cyber security?

Sonar IT managed service providers are passionate about private and public cloud support services and would like to use their knowledge to work for your company.

We can work together on finding budget-friendly and efficient solutions that keep your data safe while increasing security, improving company efficiency, enhancing member collaboration, and decreasing overhead.

See how we do IT differently
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Cyber security

Sonar IT offers the most comprehensive cybersecurity services without hidden costs, particularly designed to keep your business and employees' data safe from unauthorized access.

We have the very best security software and solutions currently available on the market, combined with the best practices and our cyber security in house engineers to deliver strong, unbreakable, multilayered protection.

BDR backup and disaster recovery

Protecting your data should be your top priority. To do so, you are going to need a robust BDR solution that builds the base for your workflow continuity.

Today's enterprises create and rely on more data than ever before. Henceforth, investing in backup and disaster recovery services is the best way to protect your company.

See how we do IT differently
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Find out more about the multiple options we offer

Microsoft office 365 licencing

Sonar IT has been a Microsoft partner for many years with experience in providing services and solutions for an array of Microsoft applications.

Select the right plan and product with our help, and shift from your current solutions to something way better.

Hardware & software procurement

Forget about exhausting and time-consuming evaluation and installation of hardware and software.

Leave these tasks in the good hands of a knowledgeable IT staff who will help you select the best tools and licencing agreements for your needs.

Get the most from your tech

Sonar IT also provides flexible training courses to educate your staff and help you get the most out of your technology and business.

This may include leading industry experts speaking around business and tech-relevant topics important to your industry, different kinds of webinars and training sessions, company open days, and much more.

Employees own mobile devices

We understand that the last obligation you need is to think about the devices your employees are bringing with them.

Protect your mobile environment like many clients did with us, and increase employee productivity.

The right outsourced IT partner and consistent and quality IT services/solutions are essential to support your customers, team, and business.

Managed IT service provider

Start doing what you do best - running your company

Whether you are looking to help your current in house team and extend their capabilities or need a fully outsourced IT company, we have invested in state-of-the-art tools to minimise risk, maximise uptime, and proactively track and manage your entire IT system.

Supporting the cutting-edge technology that supports your company

Our teams work around creating the right solutions and strategies that grow alongside your company and address how your staff work.

Does this ring a bell?

Your employees' struggle

Without appropriate tools, staying ahead of the curve is almost impossible. Get access to state-of-the-art tools and empower your team's productiveness.

No end to problems

Have complete peace of mind with our fully managed support service that heads off potential problems even before they appear.

It's not all about getting an IT support service. It's about finding experts like Sonar IT who are issue-spotting-oriented to make everything humming along.

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United Kingdom-managed IT services
Your strategy isn't working

Most MSPs pay attention only to your systems without taking into account your business plan, long-term business goals, and the future you want to build for your company.

Here at Sonar IT, we know success depends on the close integration of our support solutions with your company's unique specifics.

Managed service provider - see the difference

Sonar IT is not trying to make just another sale. We stand tall on our promise of being a reliable partner. Relationships and going along with clients' needs are just as important to us as reliable technology.

With us, you are not only getting access to technology experts but professionals who have been where you are now and know everything about your specific industry.

Lower your it costs

Keep your IT costs as low as possible with Sonar IT managed service provider. Switching to a support company is much easier than hiring an in house team, especially with today's global shortage of senior IT technicians.

Reallocate your resources

Tap into higher levels of the IT industry with Sonar IT managed services and allocate your valuable limited in house resources better.

Keep up with technology

Prevent system failures that can cost you hundreds of thousands of £ by investing in a managed IT service provider who will make your system run efficiently and keep your technology up-to date and secure.

Don't miss growth opportunities

Leaving sophisticated IT technology decisions in the hands of trusted IT-managed service providers allows you to focus on core aspects of your business and embrace growth opportunities.

Get the most out of your operations

Sonar IT can help your in house IT department escape the burden of extreme workload and capture maximum performance from your investment.

Industries we serve

  • Non-profit organisations
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Small and medium business services
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Service provider as your ally in the fight against failures

With a proactive approach to monitoring your IT infrastructure, Sonar IT can in no time detect problems and resolve any kind of problem before it even gets a chance to wreak havoc on your business.

With our assistance, you can significantly cut your total IT expenses and stay ahead of the curve over the competition.

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