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We provide businesses with all-inclusive, jargon-free, and personable IT support services that ensure you're always online and secure.

Managed IT Services - The London-based IT services.

Do you need an IT support company that is 100% responsive and reliable?

Are you stuck with the same IT issues month after month, putting your cyber security at risk?

Vulnerabilities and threats in your company's network make you a sitting duck for cyber attacks.

Does your current IT support provider respond to your tickets in days rather than minutes?

You should get business IT support service right when you need it, and no later.

Are you looking to migrate seamlessly to the cloud, while maintaining 100% security?

Your company should have the option of operating just as excellently and securely, even from home.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support for London businesses.

We are redefining IT support services for London businesses

Small to mid-scale businesses around the UK have had to deal with mediocre and unresponsive IT support over the years. Sonar IT was born out of a need to right those wrongs, essentially becoming a breath of fresh air in the IT space, offering award winning IT support and management that helps companies run more effectively and securely.

To take it further, with the help of your dedicated account manager, we are able to function as your internal IT team, giving you the IT strategy and business IT support you need to plan for growth. You get IT support tailored to fit your goal and ensure business growth. We become your IT partners, proactively making sure your cyber security and productivity are 100% no matter what.

We do all this and more, with a warm friendliness about us, because we're real humans that genuinely care about your day-to-day productivity and security. Our support services give you an edge. For a fixed monthly fee we support London companies, completely taking all your IT issues away so that you can focus on your core business.

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We do IT support in London 100% differently! Here's how...

2 min fast response times

As a result of our proactive support, you hardly have a reason to call us for help. When you do, we function as your in house support team, responding in 2 minutes or under to deliver expert IT support. We guarantee exceptional customer service.

Proactive monitoring

We proactively monitor your IT systems, ensuring your internet, data backup, firewalls and more, all function excellently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our expert service coupled with expert knowledge, running your business gets that much easier.

Consistent Security

We ensure you are 100% secure round the clock with our solid cyber-security solutions and data protection plan. In sync with cyber essentials, but far more detailed, you can rely on our cyber security for business continuity in case of a cyber attack or disaster.

"De-jargonize" tech

With our consultancy services, we explain things to you in a simplified and understandable manner, rather than try to complicate things in order to ramp up figures. We also provide support services tailored to suit your business needs.

Leverage the Cloud

Transition to the cloud with zero problems. With our cloud computing expertise and intuitive cloud solutions, your remote working experience will be absolutely seamless with 100% cyber security.

Stay focused

We handle all the technical bits about your business so that you can focus on what really matters. Being local to Central London we provide remote and onsite support and other professional services right when you need them.

Maximum Employee Productivity

We provide your small business with market leading, first class managed IT support that ensures that you can get more stuff done with the same team, working the same hours. With our support services, your productivity increases by up to 30%.

Stay compliant

Regardless of your industry, we have a masterful approach to help your organisation stay compliant no matter what by ensuring your cyber security. With our many years GDPR compliance experience, coupled with our cyber essentials certification, we are able to keep your confidential data confidential.

Absolute customer satisfaction

The last thing your growing business needs is questionable IT services delivered poorly. In our bid to change the experience in the IT support industry, we provide exceptional customer experience. With the best IT helpdesk and support possible, our support engineers have a personable approach to instant problem resolution.

Managed IT Services - SonarIT - Free Ebook.

Find out 10 ways Managed IT Services can become your competitive edge...

This free eBook will evaluate the differences between traditional technical support practices and modern outsourced IT support practices, and the pros and cons of each with regards to small and medium-sized businesses based in London.

From Office 365 optimization, to cloud technology to IT helpdesk, can your London business rely 100% on fully managed IT support companies? Download your ebook to find out.


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Managed IT Services - SonarIT - Testimonials.

David Bott

"I received fantastic IT support and very quickly as well! I had a very understanding gentleman who dealt with my issue and gave me clear and simple instructions to follow and assisted me throughout the entire situation. I would highly recommend Sonar IT to anyone who wants fast and reliable technical support.”

Managed IT Services - SonarIT - Testimonials.

Jennifer Walter

“Brilliant timely response which is crucial when needed. I would definitely recommend, I have tried and tested others but Sonar IT far outweighs them and no need to change now. Expertise and understanding is what you receive”

Managed IT Services - SonarIT - Testimonials.

Karin van de Laar

“Me and my team have been working with Sonar IT for a couple of months now and have been impressed with their commitment, quality and overall approach. They have been a lifesaver at times responding quickly to queries and have managed and implemented a large migration piece of work for us. They are thorough and professional. I can especially recommend working with Nick, always calm and professional no matter the situation.”

Managed IT Services - SonarIT - Testimonials.

Mr. Emmanuel .B. Acheampong

“Well, Josh Bevis, is terribly intelligent and ingenious to all fields of I.T, and his rapport and in-depth knowledge are astonishing, wow! If it were not for him, I would be lost in technology indefinitely, thank you.
Finally, Just like Russell Crowe's portrayal of the mathematician, Mr. Bevis, has got a beautiful mind with regards to Information Technology. Hence, he is the next Bill Gates for sure.”

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