IT Infrastructure

We assist in planning and installing your new IT infrastructure, so you can enjoy optimal results and value.

IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Project Planning.

Project planning

Save precious downtime in the future, achieve maximum value for money and ensures that your hardware has the exact right amount of power necessary.

Maximize value for money
Increased synergy between hardware
IT installation


Leverage our long-lasting relationships with hardware suppliers to receive high-value, professional equipment, built to last.

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Hardware.
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Cloud Solutions.
IT installation

Cloud solutions

The 'new normal' calls for new solutions. Our 'remote desktops' allows your staff to work remotely, while you maintain control over your business.

Consultancy and project planning
Migration from servers to cloud & vice-versa
Work from any device, anywhere in the world
IT installation

Telephony and VoIP

Whether you want a simple menu, or a full-blown smart VoIP solution, we have done it many times before.

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else
Call from any device
Fail-safes ensure reliability
Reduce costs by up to 50%
Crisp, clear sound
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - VoIP.
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Internet Connections.
IT installation

Internet connections

Businesses today rely on secure, reliable, and fast networks for their daily business. Sonar IT assist our customers in attaining these characteristics by providing the most suitable technologies.

Fiber optic cable; for long-distance, high-performance data networking
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL); for continuously available, always-on broadband connections.
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS); for scalability, performance and reduced network congestion.