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Perfect for the business that does not have many needs; they simply need the base level of protection neccesary for computers that are connected to the dangerours world tht if is the internet.
Ideal for those businesses that require a proper running environment with minimal downtime caused by poorly running computers, wireless and slow internet. Unlimited flat rate billing!
The only solution for a business that needs a key executive level technical resource that can attend planning meetings, compile budgets, manage the environment, provide a single resource for all technical, compliance, and management needs.
Anti Virus
Anti Malware
Web filtering
DNS filtering
Email filtering
Remote monitoring
Web protection
File/ folder based backup solutions
Application hardening
Application behavior monitoring
Exploit mitigation
Payload analysis
(virus stuff running on your computer)
Anomaly detection machine learning
Ransomware mitigation
Ransomware file recovery
Unlimited on-site support
Unlimited helpdesk support
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