Cloud solutions London companies deserve

Small and medium-sized businesses frequently can’t take full advantage of the cloud due to high migration, optimisation, and management costs. Instead, they settle for outdated technology that can’t keep up with their needs and only hinders them in their daily operations.

That’s why Sonar IT has made it its mission to help these businesses migrate to the cloud at an affordable cost. With its high level of expertise and vast experience, this London-based MSP will transform your IT infrastructure and set you up for success.

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Your cloud environment is our priority

Companies of all sizes and kinds have been migrating to the cloud, fully aware of how a stable and optimised IT infrastructure can significantly speed up their business operations and support their goals. If you are ready to make that transition yourself, Sonar IT will assist you every step of the way. Our reliable and consistent cloud services are unparalleled in the industry, delivering precisely the solutions your company needs.

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What Sonar IT can do for your company

As one of the best providers of cloud services in London, Sonar IT designs, optimises, and manages your IT environment, ensuring that it supports you in reaching desired results.

Help you migrate to the cloud

Moving to the cloud will significantly improve your company’s agility and security, as well as decrease the costs for server maintenance. Leave the migration to Sonar IT, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the cloud at an affordable rate.

Resolve tickets instantly

Our team’s processing and prioritising methods allow us to handle tickets efficiently, hence preventing any disruptions to your daily operations. Thanks to our response time of under two minutes, you can rest assured that all your calls will be answered instantly and all your cloud issues resolved promptly.

Enhance your applications

Cloud applications and their numerous features promote collaboration and productivity, helping your team work smoothly and efficiently. After Sonar IT assists you in migrating to the cloud, we will also replace your applications with SaaS and ISV.

Help you reach your business goals

With its flexibility and efficiency, the cloud will speed up your business processes, allowing you to expand your client base, accept new business opportunities, and scale up your company’s operations. Whichever goals your business is pursuing, our IT experts will help you reach them.

Best cloud solutions London has to offer

Sonar IT’s various cloud computing services are designed to cover all your needs and support your company at every stage of its growth.

Migration from servers to cloud and vice versa

Cloud offers greater security, flexibility, scalability, and control over costs. To fully enjoy all these benefits, let Sonar IT migrate your data and applications to the cloud and help you with the adjustment period. Likewise, if you decide to leave the cloud and return to the servers, we will be there to assist you.

Access your work no matter where you are

Once you move your business to the cloud, remote collaboration becomes much more effortless. Regardless of where your team members are located in the world, they will be able to cooperate smoothly, thanks to the cloud's exceptional syncing features. In addition, our cloud solutions aren’t limited only to desktops. Our mobile cloud app allows you to access your projects from any device, create 3D models and PDF files, use word processing software, manage your inventory, and nurture client relationships.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration no longer requires you and your business partners to be in the same room. Our secure web portal enables you to share your files with your team members and give them editing access. In addition, all changes made will sync across the platform immediately, ensuring everyone working on the project remains on the same page.

Security is our priority

The fear of data breaches and cyberattacks prevents many companies from migrating to the cloud and taking advantage of all its benefits. However, Sonar IT’s multi-layered security and strict adherence to cloud compliance protocols protect your data at all times. In addition, our constant background support ensures that no threats pass unnoticed, removing them the moment they are spotted.

Expert consulting services

Choosing the right cloud services to support your business objectives is a challenging task. However, you can rely on Sonar IT to assist you in making the right decisions to address your company’s current and future needs. Our extensive experience in collaborating with small and medium-sized businesses helps us design suitable IT solutions for all our clients.

Greater flexibility with multi-cloud solutions

Instead of limiting yourself to one cloud and its services, take advantage of our superb multi-cloud solutions. You can migrate different parts of your company to separate clouds to enjoy greater flexibility and control over costs. Moreover, outages will never affect your operations again. In other words, multi-cloud solutions provide better redundancy and limit the negative effects of potential downtimes.

Pick the right option for your business

Different clients require different IT solutions, and our cloud services are designed to cater to everyone’s needs. We will help you choose the solution suitable for your company and its budget, ensuring we fulfil your most urgent requirements first.

Public cloud

The public cloud is economical, secure and easy to maintain, making it a popular option for many businesses. Sonar IT will help you choose a suitable cloud to migrate to and assist you during the transition. What’s more, our cloud engineers will protect you from cyber threats during and after the transfer.

Private cloud

If the public cloud doesn’t adequately address your needs in terms of flexibility, a private cloud operated by your company certainly will. Thanks to deeper insights into the cloud’s configurations and architecture, you will have more freedom, higher efficiency, and better control over costs. And with Sonar IT’s support, your security will remain strong and up to date.

Hybrid cloud

The public and the private cloud aren’t the only two available options. Additionally, we offer hybrid cloud services, allowing you to take advantage of both public and private cloud features. Customise your cloud experience, select only the services you need, and enjoy complete flexibility and control over the pricing.

Sonar IT’s core values

Sonar IT rises above the crowd of London-based MSPs due to our commitment to upholding certain core values. Thanks to the following principles, we are able to build strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


We are aware that tried-and-true solutions aren’t suitable for all businesses, so we don’t hesitate to resort to novel methods. Sonar IT embraces innovation, leveraging advanced technology to help you achieve desired results.


The quality of our service, as well as our disaster recovery plans and security protocols, are unparalleled in the industry, and we stand by that. Hence, you can hold us accountable for solving any IT issues your company faces.


As your business partners, we will provide you with exceptional cloud solutions. That will allow you to focus entirely on your goals, be they increasing your profits, expanding your customer base, or launching new products. Our commitment to your cause will assure you that you have found a valuable partner in Sonar IT.


We aren’t yet another IT vendor trying to sell you mediocre service at an exorbitant price. Instead, we are a part of your team, as dedicated to your success as your in-house IT department would be. As we implement novel IT solutions and move your operations to the cloud, we will consult you every step of the way, ensuring that our actions align with your business strategy.

Valuable partnership in three steps

1. Consultation

The first step towards partnering up with the company providing the best cloud solutions London has to offer is scheduling a consultation. During our initial conversation, we will learn more about your business and its objectives, which will help us devise an IT strategy. Then, we will explain the implementation process step by step, making sure to answer all your questions and resolve all concerns.

2. Migration

After the initial consultation, we will begin the cloud migration process and the optimisation of your IT infrastructure. Our experts will handle your transfer and teach your staff all the new skills it needs, making your transition to the new cloud environment smooth and effortless.

3. Continuous support

Once the migration is finished, you’ll gain full access to your cloud and all its features. However, we will remain on standby, prepared for quick emergency response and timely ticket resolution.

Migrating to the cloud is easy with Sonar IT

Sonar IT puts your business first, focusing on its needs and the stability of its IT infrastructure. Without a functioning cloud environment, your business will experience downtimes and setbacks, missing out on important opportunities for growth and customer interaction. To prevent that, we will architect, optimise, and manage your cloud 24/7.

Put your business on a path of progress and growth with the best provider of cloud solutions London has to offer you.

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