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Sonar IT helps companies migrate securely to the cloud and unleash uninterrupted continuity, operational scalability, and transformative innovations.

The Best Cloud Migration Strategy For Your Existing Infrastructure

Deliver immediate business results with our cloud migration services

Move your heterogeneous, complex IT environment to our highly secure cloud platforms and accelerate your digital journey.

You know what you want to achieve, and our cloud computing services know how to get you there.

Streamline Your Business Processes By Investing In Cloud Technology

Our cloud migration process

Here at Sonar IT, we use a time-tested approach to move organizations' data, infrastructure, and applications to a cloud environment without disruption and with zero loss.

Discovery & analysis

We utilize proprietary tools to assess and check your entire IT infrastructure to find the best fit services based on your strategic company requirements.

Migration strategy & planning

Once we get data and process them, we will develop the perfect migration strategy that aligns with your company goals.


Transferring your workloads and carrying out cloud migration testing to ensure the new cloud environment handles everything correctly.


We will constantly support you and monitor everything regarding your cloud processes, making sure you receive top-notch services.

Cloud Solutions For Your Business Data

Your roadmap to the cloud

Whether you are interested in transforming applications, consolidating data centers, or modernizing your outdated infrastructure, Sonar IT follows a tried and time-tested framework.

Cloud migration consulting
We help businesses reduce operating expenses, innovate faster, and develop the best cloud solution that will help them achieve their most ambitious goals.

Cloud costs optimization
Choose only features you need, and you will use - let us reduce hidden cloud costs for you and forget about nasty surprises.

Cloud Migration Services

Go fast, go deep

Sonar IT helps you build the right cloud architecture and ecosystem to get the most out of your subscription and meet your strategic business needs. Our proven automation and experience will get you to value faster.

Leverage our cloud migration expertise
Our cloud experts have seen it all.

Get everything done without disruption
Our approach gets you to the best cloud provider within one business day.

Get there completely compliant
Our security measures ensure complete compliance and governance.

Choose the right cloud

Not all clouds are created equal. This is why Sonar IT takes the time to learn more about your business to help you find the best cloud solution for your organization and propel your business forward.

Public clouds

Public clouds are environments not owned by the end user. It is a shared cloud that can be accessed by many individuals and organizations. Some of the largest public cloud providers are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Private clouds

Private clouds are specifically assigned to a single end-user or group, where everything runs behind the scenes. Everything is stored on rented and private off-premises.

Hybrid clouds

Hybrid clouds are crafted from multiple IT environments and connected through APIs, VPNs, WANs, or LANs. The characteristics of this sort are super complex, and they offer the best of both worlds.

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Seamless cloud migration for future-ready infrastructure

Sonar IT cloud migration services deliver valuable business advantages:

Flexibility & scalability

Pay only for the resource you use with our cloud pay-per-use model and allow your workforce to be more flexible. They can safely access files and apps using devices connected to the internet from both - in and out of the workplace.

Cost savings

Optimize your workloads and make significant savings in maintenance, infrastructure, resource, software licensing, upgrades, and more. Balance your budget while increasing workplace productivity.

Enhanced security & resilience

With military-grade built-in security features, one-click backup, and one-of-a-kind cloud security tools, you can rest assured that your company is fully protected at multiple levels so you can spend your time doing something more important.

Simplified IT management

The best part about cloud infrastructure is that it can be handled in a web interface. You can enjoy an array of modern features that allow your business to adapt, configure, and monitor every aspect of its environment.

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