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Managed IT Services - London-based managed IT service.

Small business IT support services

Get the most out of your small enterprise with our sound advice and support services

Sonar IT provides consultancy and valuable advice helping your small business identify the most suitable IT needs.

Discover the best solution for problems you are experiencing and expecting. Start running your London businesses at their maximum quality level and enjoy harvesting the fruits of your labour.

Sonar IT is a one-stop-shop for all your IT remote support needs and technology setups.

Support services tailored to your needs

Looking for award winning IT support? This is where Sonar IT comes into play.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Exceptional customer service

Improve your clients' experience and IT operations with our long term outsourced management, who will closely work with you to keep your day-to-day operations and tasks running smoothly.

Sonar IT managed IT services provide full proactive support for your essential IT systems and operations. Balance your daily tasks, find the right cyber security solutions, and work on future transformation.

Take the burden off your employees' shoulders and let them work on more strategic projects with our thousands of times proven technology that creates more robust, efficient, faster, and at lower cost IT operations.

IT help desk support services

If your company relies on IT services every day but does not have dedicated IT helpdesk support, Sonar IT is here to help.

Working with Sonar IT helpdesk team means that your employees are only one phone call away from getting reliable and fast IT assistance.

Forget about struggling to hire, train, and do whatever it takes to retain the right IT person -Sonar IT support services offer expertise to meet your IT objectives faster and with less risk.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Disaster recovery services

Looking for ways to improve your company's resiliency?

Protect your data and evade ransomware and/or corrupted files that can dramatically slow company productivity, damage public perception, and significantly reduce profits.

Luckily, Sonar IT can deliver complete and protected copies of your data to ensure your business continuity and growth. 

Reliable IT maintenance services

If you have no idea what to do with your software and hardware maintenance, just give us a call.

One of the most valuable services Sonar IT can offer your small company is reliable and dedicated IT maintenance support.

Don't entrust this task to people who might not even know what IT maintenance entails. Get the most out of your business and beat your competitors with Sonar IT maintenance services.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Computer technical support services

Benefit from our diagnostics, troubleshooting, repairs, and any other in-between necessary maintenance service for your company.

If you wonder what to do when your systems go down or find it pretty expensive, contact Sonar IT's award-winning IT support that puts emphasis on making sure your devices and computers are running at their best.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

SonarIT - Testimonials.

David Bott

"Spoke to someone from Sonar IT about an annoying issue I was having with my emails, the employee was really understanding and helped me quickly resolve this issue. Would recommend to anyone”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Jennifer Walter

“Brilliant timely response which is crucial when needed. I would definitely recommend, I have tried and tested others but Sonar IT far outweighs them and no need to change now. Expertise and understanding is what you receive”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Karin van de Laar

“Me and my team have been working with Sonar IT for a couple of months now and have been impressed with their commitment, quality and overall approach. They have been a lifesaver at times responding quickly to queries and have managed and implemented a large migration piece of work for us. They are thorough and professional. I can especially recommend working with Nick, always calm and professional no matter the situation.”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Mr. Emmanuel .B. Acheampong

“Well, Josh Bevis, is terribly intelligent and ingenious to all fields of I.T, and his rapport and in-depth knowledge are astonishing, wow! If it were not for him, I would be lost in technology indefinitely, thank you.
Finally, Just like Russell Crowe's portrayal of the mathematician, Mr. Bevis, has got a beautiful mind with regards to Information Technology. Hence, he is the next Bill Gates for sure.”

Dedicated technical account manager

Sonar IT's dedicated account manager is a highly trained professional and full-time, multi-functional advisor that only works with you and your teams. Get a dedicated technical account manager assigned exclusively to your account and let them assist and guide you in realising the best possible ROI.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Cyber security protection

Afraid of frequent breaking news - cybercriminals have just hacked another company. Fear not - Sonar IT cyber security protection services are here to help.

Prevent computer breaches, unauthorized access attempts, fishing, and other cyberattacks with our helpful team of professionals who can help you anyway, anywhere, anytime.

Server management services

If you are short on current IT staff and have no one to take care of your private servers, Sonar IT would like to jump in and help you out.

Invest in protecting your business from serious trouble if something goes wrong with Sonar IT services that encompass every single aspect of your business to bring it to a whole new level.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Network management services

Don't let some sudden network failure wreak havoc on your business.

Have complete peace of mind with Sonar IT network management services that will protect your company against severe financial hits, especially in today's unstable business environment.

Apply for a network management service quote if you need a simple, more cost-effective, and friendlier way to take care of your network.

Without parallel mobile device management services

Don't let employees' mobile devices obstruct the way you share information within the walls of your SME.

Protect your company and let your staff be more productive with their tables, desktop computers, laptops, and cell phones with Sonar IT mobile device management services.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Cloud IT support

Sonar IT is London's leader in private and public clouds. From creating the entire cloud infrastructure to small assistance with a range of cloud-based apps, we can improve the agility and productivity of your business.

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Support company London

Fast response: <5min

Whether your network is not behaving properly or computers are working slow, with Sonar IT help desk support, you don't have to hunt around for hours just to find the right IT assistance.

In less than a couple of minutes, get access to Sonar IT PROs and resolve all your issues in no time, minimising downtime and stress.

Custom support

Here at Sonar IT, we take great pride in getting to know your company, employees, and you.

Unlike many other third party suppliers out there who will offer general solutions and questions just to ditch you, Sonar IT works on creating specific IT solutions that align with your company goals and needs.

One of a kind support

Forget about the other side telling you that's not my station when things go wrong.

Sonar IT has knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals fully equipped to solve all your problems right on the spot.

Whether you are not able to open an essential file or your network is not "behaving normally", Sonar IT has got you covered.


Are you afraid of implementing an IT strategy because of the brutal impact it can have on your company budget? Fear not. Kick back and relax by having Sonar IT in your corner.

Not only do you get unlimited 24/7 access to our IT experts, but they will also stay focused on finding the most affordable and the most effective solution for all of your IT problems.

Total professionalism

Sonar IT is your reliable partner to overcome the most frustrating problems that might happen right in the middle of a workday - when you need your IT system most.

That's why we always have technicians on stand-by that are patient, courteous, and focused on being helpful as much as possible.

Remember, Sonar IT will do whatever it takes to find the best possible solution - no matter how long it takes. Leave complete software and hardware maintenance support in the good hands of reliable experts.

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United Kingdom-managed IT services
Support service: Discover your possibilities

Schedule your IT envisioning session and assessment where our experienced IT support will show you a clear path forward and help your company grow.

Our workshops will analyse and check your IT system elements and processes to improve customer experience, business agility, and operational efficiency.

From long term outsourced management to one single technical assistance, Sonar IT will work together with you and your teams to maximally improve your IT department.

Redefine performance with a top-notch tools

Transforming your IT department begins with removing the current barriers between the lines of your business and your vendors.

Sonar IT is a leading IT support specialist and consultant company providing the best yet most affordable IT support for small businesses.

We take the time to understand each business we work with and their individual requirements so we can tailor our IT support services to fit any industry.

The need for speed

Small businesses often can't afford to have delays and downtime. With Sonar IT, you can respond to an opportunity in the marketplace and strike while the iron is hot.

Ease your muddling through the very first stage of your IT needs with Sonar IT onsite support. Start being fully professional, effective, collaborative, and highly functional from day one.

Build the reliable IT infrastructure that you need to make your team collaborate, attract customers, develop better products, and protect your entire organisation against cyber attacks.

Sonar IT support for small businesses can transform an almost-organisation into a real competitive force in today's marketplace.

Support London Companies

Robust IT management is unbelievably hard. It requires way more dedication, effort, and time than most small business owners even realise.

From supporting each and every device over implementing the appropriate platforms and tools to integrating services and products into workflows across all possible departments, sonar IT is an IT company you can always count on.

Hiring the best of the best IT support in London is an essential step for the health of your small business.

Top-performing managed IT services like Sonar IT services are well prepared for the unexpected and unknown.

We provide consultancy services that are worth their weight in gold!

Put an end to all your IT problems once and for all

With coverage across software, printers, phones, and computers - Sonar IT will fix absolutely any IT problem through support tickets.

Recover any lost data after a disaster in a couple of minutes

Have your IT system and its parts work the way they should. We will take care of everything, from Office 365 over BYOD devices to more complex tasks and everything else in between.

Never worry again about IT disasters. With Sonar IT -all your data is backed up and completely safe.

Budget-friendly solutions

Choose a monthly plan and IT support package that suits your company's needs, and don't spend more than you need. Our technology solutions will significantly reduce your IT costs.

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