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If you are looking for a reliable and experienced managed service provider and IT partner that can take your business to the next level, look no further - Sonar IT is here to help.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.

We do IT 100% differently

Forget about wasting your resources, start focusing on the core of your business, and run your company full steam ahead.

Although there are many reasons to take advantage of outsourcing IT support services, one of the most compelling benefits to the vast majority of small businesses is cost savings.

The other perks of having Sonar IT outsourced IT support services besides reduced costs are:

  • Increased STM (Speed to Market)
  • Improved workflow and quality of work
  • Conserved capital
  • You can focus on the core of your business
  • You can catalyse innovations to boost business productivity
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Why Sonar IT outsourcing services?

The whole point of fully managed outsourced IT support services is to leave your IT department in the good hands of a third party (dedicated IT consultancy team).

Our Sonar IT support team will help you with your business goals to become more efficient and more competitive in the already saturated market by freeing up your limited and valuable internal resources you can utilize to add value to your business by maintaining funds for stuff related to your services, products, and offers to upgrade it and expand it.

However, the thing is that not all businesses out there have equal and unlimited access to IT resources, assets, and outsourcing companies experts due to a lack of funds to invest or availability.

This is where Sonar IT comes into play - to fill the current gaps in your IT department, help with digital transformation/service desk, and reduce costs.

Outsourcing companies

It's no secret that outsourcing IT development and operations is one of the top trending topics. You can often hear people calling IT outsourcing the new, default IT management strategy for SMEs.

Wondering why so? Because they are trying to maximize the level of their IT sector for as little money as possible. Anyhow, you might want to check out the following benefits you get by outsourcing IT services.

#1 Completely control your IT costs

Trying to manage all of your IT needs on your own while running one or two companies can result in exhausting and long-lasting research and failures before you get an in house team ready to deal with potential faults.

Not to mention how expensive it is to get employees, train them, and make them efficient. On the other hand, outsourcing IT support services converts your huge fixed costs into very convenient variable costs, making it a cost effective solution.

In other words, you are only paying for those services you use when you need them. Our managed services are simple as that.

#2 Round the clock monitoring and tracking

Let's make one thing crystal clear. If you are still thinking about hiring an in house IT expert to watch out for your business IT, well, we have bad news...

You are at the mercy of workloads, vacations, sick days, and business hours that will influence how your business works.

However, when you opt for outsourcing your IT needs, you can benefit from 24/7 crisis support service and round the clock monitoring and tracking service to reduce your downtime as much as possible.

#3 Top-notch equipment that comes for free

Another great thing about outsourcing IT services to a third party support provider like Sonar IT is that you don't have to spend a small fortune on expensive software and equipment you won't use that often - probably a few times per year.

With us, you get access to a cost effective digital transformation, cloud services, strong cyber security infrastructure, unlimited remote support, quick and guaranteed response times, quarterly review meetings, security consultancy, and many other outsourced IT support perks.

#4 Fosters innovation

If your business has nothing to do with the IT sector, you are probably missing out on some hottest trends.

No one is saying that your employees don't know your business in and out down to the smallest details. The thing is that their knowledge can often stay in the way of learning and using new innovative approaches.

This is why outsourcing IT needs is a good idea - it shows you what your company needs to implement in terms of information technology.

#5 Strong cybersecurity

Data is a valuable asset for all businesses. However, strong and unbreakable cybersecurity infrastructure is expensive.

With us, your company don't need to purchase an expensive license and your employees won't waste their time on configuring and deploying a whole spectrum of solutions and methods to detect and protect your company against different types of cyberattacks.

We will take everything into our hands so you can focus on the core of your business.

Definitely, one of the greatest advantages of outsourced IT support services is their significantly lower price than you would get with in house security.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Your one-stop shop for IT needs

In fact, did you know that an outsourced IT support specialist team is one of the most popular and easiest ways to have unlimited remote access to the expertise of skilled IT specialists, streamline employees' workflow and communication, save time, and significantly cut costs?

Sonar IT can help you with cloud services, cyber security, backup and disaster recovery, infrastructures like virtualization, operating efficiently, and many other in between outsourced IT support services?

Many companies consider outsourcing their IT needs because there is no other way to truly stay up with the ever-changing technology that gives you a proactive edge over competitors.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

SonarIT - Testimonials.

David Bott

"Spoke to someone from Sonar about an annoying issue I was having with my emails, the employee was really understanding and helped me quickly resolve this issue. Would recommend to anyone”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Jennifer Walter

“Brilliant timely response which is crucial when needed. I would definitely recommend, I have tried and tested others but sonar far outweighs them and no need to change now. Expertise and understanding is what you receive”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Karin van de Laar

“Me and my team have been working with Sonar IT for a couple of months now and have been impressed with their commitment, quality and overall approach. They have been a lifesaver at times responding quickly to queries and have managed and implemented a large migration piece of work for us. They are thorough and professional. I can especially recommend working with Nick, always calm and professional no matter the situation.”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Mr. Emmanuel .B. Acheampong

“Well, Josh Bevis, is terribly intelligent and ingenious to all fields of I.T, and his rapport and in-depth knowledge are astonishing, wow! If it were not for him, I would be lost in technology indefinitely, thank you.
Finally, Just like Russell Crowe's portrayal of the mathematician, Mr. Bevis, has got a beautiful mind with regards to Information Technology. Hence, he is the next Bill Gates for sure.”

Support services round the clock

One of the suboptimal solutions business owners often try is to build their own in-house staff.

However, they quickly realise that the competency of an outsourcing company nearly always far outweighs the skill that any single IT staff member could have.

First and foremost, employees in your London office have their own tasks and limited time. Just try to imagine what would happen with their main job if you asked them for additional responsibilities like Microsoft applications they actually have no clue about.

Even if they do, downtime will be tremendously big, and the last thing you want for your company is employees who feel like a burden. In a nutshell, it's just not what it takes to run your business smoothly and point your company in the right direction.

Why should you consider outsourced round-the-clock IT support with in house teams? It's quite obvious. Laptops, computers, phones, and other devices are essential for every head office.

Unfortunately, when things go wrong (and those problems don't just happen during regular working hours), it can have unpleasant consequences on a broad range of your business aspects.

Whether it is "an undetectable cyber break" corrupting and eating your entire IT system, or just a small crash of one single computer - those things can ruin any business today.

Luckily, Sonar IT has resolved tens of thousands of support queries through phone, email, and live chat support. If we can't fix the problem remotely, we have a quick response time team ready to go on-site and visit your London office as soon as we receive your call, email, or ticket.

With a 100% university-educated team with huge experience - Sonar IT is ready to help you get the most out of your business.

Customized support strategies and tiers

Sonar IT offers plans that are designed to help you find the right scope of professional IT support for your company, employees, and customers.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

One of a kind IT team

We have delivered IT support for years, mastering our art and science of training and finding technically skilled personnel in that time.

Achieve consistency and see results

Consistency is the trickiest part for many SMEs. Fear not. With our well-honed process, you can kick back and rest assured that each of our agents will exceed your expectations.

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Managed IT Services - IT Support.
Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Dedicated technical account manager

We get it. Running your own business is often rewarding. But we also understand that it is not always easy.

Let Sonar IT take your business to the next level with a dedicated technical account manager who will build your name and grow your brand.

Even if you know everything about it, inside and out, with us, you can work on your business or spend your precious time elsewhere instead of figuring out what to do with your website.

Take the burden off your shoulders and get access to our always-available tech support, who can help you with an array of IT problems and day-to-day tasks as needed.

Sonar IT's dedicated account manager is a highly trained technical support that will be directly assigned to your account to help you with your tech support inquiries and enquiries.

This main point of contact allows you to have instant one to one access to an agent who will diligently lead you step by step through the entire process, skipping the waiting time that comes with the normal queue.

Outsourcing services by a leading provider

Sonar IT outsourced IT support services are the best solution to answer all your IT needs. With rare resources and a wide pool of skilled experts, we got you covered.

If you want to achieve your vision of focusing on your company's long term goals, then we invite you to keep reading because our outsourced IT support company is definitely a good call promising a large ROI.

Immediate remote managed support service provider

In 3 minutes or less, Sonar IT remote network support will connect to your main station and perform troubleshooting. One single click is all it takes so we can share your screen and instantly solve most of the problems.

Unlimited access to phone support service

Need to talk to our engineers? No worries. Enjoy unlimited all-day-long access to our best of the best engineers.

Unlimited access to E-Mail support

We are also available to our customers at any time of the day and as many times as you need us.

ASAP onsite technician support service

If there's nothing we can do remotely, we will schedule a site visit as soon as possible to fix problems with minimal disruption to your workforce.

Premium proactive support

We stand tall on our promise of delivering nothing short of superior proactive support, monitoring your network and servers to minimize crashes and downtime.

Regular server backup check

Every single morning, our IT department will make sure that the backup from the previous day was completed successfully and is safe on your server.

After hours emergency support

Sometimes, when the worst-case scenario happens, our outsourced support has an automated phone system alerting our technicians to provide support right away (small additional charges may apply for this service.

Workstation/server/antivirus updates & network support

All these things are essential to running your business and IT systems smoothly and safely. We will let you know when updates are available and schedule a convenient time for you to install them.

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