The best cloud services London companies could hope for

...At least, that's what we've heard! Sonar IT provides a secure cloud-driven ecosystem for all digital infrastructure requirements, helping business owners uncover values faster across every part of their business.

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Cloud Services London

Eliminate complexity with our cloud computing services

Interested in propelling your business with unbeatable cloud computing solutions? That's why Sonar IT is here.

We embrace the power of change to create 360° value by putting appropriate cloud solutions at the core of your business. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your main tasks.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

Discover your cloud solution with Sonar IT

Unmatched talent and experience

Our cloud engineers wield many certifications and combine state-of-the-art equipment and skill sets with their vast industry experience.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

Proven, custom-tailored cloud solutions

We work with you hand in hand and step by step, drawing on our huge experience to build predictable, quick, and super secure cloud solutions.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

An unparalleled ecosystem of partners

On our Managed Services London companies rely for years. Take advantage of our relationships that can help you field absolutely any challenge.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

Everything you need & anywhere you want it

Sonar IT cloud services are the only cloud solution that keeps your important files at your fingertips, which you can access in three different ways.

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Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

Cloud computing services in London

Desktop app

Easily save all of your work and collaborate with other members of your team via one-of-a-kind bi-directional syncing capabilities.

Mobile app

With Sonar IT, you can access your files from mobile devices and convert photos to 3D models, markup PDFs, and much more.

Web portal

Browse and share your files with team members and make collaboration easier and smoother.

Explore endless possibilities with Sonar IT cloud solutions

Get the cloud computing services with predictable pricing and scalability to support your business growth at every single stage.

Cloud partner

Take your business to the next level with effective, efficient, and secure cloud solutions.

Secure managed cloud

As customer demands and companies push the multi-cloud agenda, Sonar IT helps companies stay ahead with end-to-end management and multi-layered security.

Multi-cloud solutions

Get a model that yields ROI and helps your company transition to a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Cloud platforms

Explore the full potential of your company with Sonar IT cloud solutions that are crafted to suit your IT infrastructure needs and data.

Cloud compliance

Sonar IT global compliance programs diligently guide you on all critical aspects of data and cloud security methods.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

SonarIT - Testimonials.

David Bott

"Spoke to someone from Sonar IT about an annoying issue I was having with my emails, the employee was really understanding and helped me quickly resolve this issue. Would recommend to anyone”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Jennifer Walter

“Brilliant timely response which is crucial when needed. I would definitely recommend, I have tried and tested others but Sonar IT far outweighs them and no need to change now. Expertise and understanding is what you receive”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Karin van de Laar

“Me and my team have been working with Sonar IT for a couple of months now and have been impressed with their commitment, quality and overall approach. They have been a lifesaver at times responding quickly to queries and have managed and implemented a large migration piece of work for us. They are thorough and professional. I can especially recommend working with Nick, always calm and professional no matter the situation.”

SonarIT - Testimonials.

Mr. Emmanuel .B. Acheampong

“Well, Josh Bevis, is terribly intelligent and ingenious to all fields of I.T, and his rapport and in-depth knowledge are astonishing, wow! If it were not for him, I would be lost in technology indefinitely, thank you.
Finally, Just like Russell Crowe's portrayal of the mathematician, Mr. Bevis, has got a beautiful mind with regards to Information Technology. Hence, he is the next Bill Gates for sure.”

Speed up and scale your business with our cloud solutions

Sonar IT cloud strategy is built upon the 3 main blocks in charge of helping your company grow and succeed.

#1 Redefine business

We have helped hundreds of enterprises fulfil their growth agenda. Our proven redefine business approach is focused on company top-line growth led through new business models, new revenue streams, newer products, and more.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

#2 Reimagine business

We help business owners maintain their existing customers and revenue that are daily challenged by huge competitive forces. Retain your new and old loyal customers with contextualized engagement and a holistic value-centric approach.

Cost Effective Cloud Providers For A Rapidly Growing Small Business

#3 Redesign business

We help companies achieve their visions and goals through a mindset of how to master doing more with less, helping them align their business with the ever-changing customer landscape.

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Empower your digital success

Sonar IT offers leading cloud solutions for your business.

Public cloud services

Take advantage of our public cloud management services that guarantee cost savings and provide unique security assurances.

Private cloud services

Sonar IT offers private cloud hosting services in unbreachable data centres with backup and disaster recovery built-in.

Hybrid cloud services

Combine public and private clouds, get the best of both worlds, and ignite your productivity.

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Three things Sonar IT cloud can do for your business

Modernize your data centre

  • Reduce operational costs and enhance agility and quality
  • Migrate your stuff to the public or private cloud
  • Keep everything safe and secure

Modernize your applications

  • Skyrocket company productivity, scalability, and performance
  • Re-factor and re-platform everything you have to run in the cloud
  • Replace your applications with managed ISV applications or SaaS

Become truly nimble as a business

  • Integrate all of your applications in the cloud
  • Improve velocity, speed up product development, and never miss a chance to capture new business opportunities
  • Develop APIs

Sonar IT experts can help you wherever you are on your cloud journey


Start your cloud transformation journey with us - use our knowledge, experience, and developer tools, and get the ideal service mix and cloud infrastructure.


All right, you have already made your first step toward the cloud, now it is time for real work - to optimize. Sonar IT's experts will set you up for success.


The baton is formally passed - now it's all in your hands. However, we will stay around the corner to support you.

Managed IT Services - IT Support.

Sonar IT's cloud services help businesses grow and succeed

We provide cloud solutions for every single stage of your cloud journey. From architecting over managing to optimizing your cloud environment, Sonar IT has got you covered.

With a Sonar IT cloud, you get more than just a place, a technology, or a journey. You get an opportunity to completely reshape everything. Our cloud is the power you need to transform your business and the catalyst for continuous progress.

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