Turn off Google Chrome’s built-in password manager.

How does turning off Google Chrome's built-in password manager help improve your security and how can turn it off?

How can I do this?

Sonar IT highly recommend you use an external password manager instead of saving your credentials in your web browser. Saving credentials in a web browser poses a major security risk, not to mention having duplicated saved passwords.If you are using the built-in password manager you should disable it. Watch this video to see why and how to do it.

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If you tend to visit the same websites, you’ll have seen that Chrome asks whether you want it to remember your login details.

But if you are using an external password manager you will find that you will have two sets of saved passwords.

Sonar IT recommend you turn off Chrome’s built-in password manager. Here are the steps on how to do so below:

  • Click your Chrome menu in the taskbar
  • Select Settings
  • In the Autofill section, select Passwords
  • Toggle off the settings for both ‘Offer to save passwords’ and ‘Auto Sign-in’
  • And finally, once all of your passwords are safely stored in your password manager, remember to delete them from Chrome

If you don’t have a password manager yet, we recommend adding them to your cyber security stack.

Your manager will allow you to generate long random passwords at the click of a button, store them for you, and automatically fill in any login boxes. It’s a smart way to stay safe. Did you know that Over 50% of people re-use the same password? Don’t follow the crowd!

If you want to know which password manager we recommend, get in touch.

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