Top 10 benefits of managed IT services

Experience the benefits of using managed IT services by working with a COMPETENT MSP. Looking for goal-oriented IT services in London?

Summary: Managed IT services offer a diverse range of benefits for all businesses. Learn how a reputable managed service provider can help your business grow while reducing risks.

The pandemic showed London business owners the importance of strong, adaptable networks and savvy tech specialists who can navigate network tasks. You are likely among the business owners who adapted to sweeping changes such as managing your team remotely. Remote work remains a preferred choice for most people who use computers for their daily tasks, making the benefits of managed IT services more important than ever.

You might have certain maintenance resources at your disposal, such as an in-house IT team or break/fix support. Why should you try managed IT services instead? When your IT team handles management tasks, such as network troubleshooting, they lose valuable time working on duties specific to the business’s needs.

If you have a break/fix service, then you should know it relies on the ‘break’ part of the equation to turn a profit. It also doesn’t keep open availability for your convenience and relies on an hourly rate. With a managed IT service like Sonar IT, you enjoy a dependable point of contact whose main focus involves solutions that help your business grow.  

Continue reading to learn the top benefits of managed IT services.

What are managed IT services?

You might wonder, “What are managed IT services exactly?” A managed service provider (MSP) is a third party who provides generalised IT services to your business 24 hours a day. Some of the services provided by an MSP include:

  • Keeping data, computers, and networks secure
  • Managing tools and applications remotely
  • Providing storage solutions
  • Monitoring networks remotely

Your MSP will supervise your network using cloud-based software to stay informed about any arising problems. Providers often become aware of issues before in-house IT staff as they oversee their tasks continually.

You’ll enjoy consistent, prompt fixes that allow your team to focus on tasks related to your business. Additionally, you can easily find managed IT services in London that fit the specific needs of your competitive industry.

Many business owners prefer an internal IT team or a break/fix service as they believe these options save money and time. In the long run, they may cause more problems than they mend. Your internal IT staff should focus on solutions that improve and accelerate business growth.

Break/fix services attract business owners because they don’t require monthly fees. However, they profit when problems arise since their money comes from individual services their representatives perform. You can end up with a bill rated by the hour with no promise of a reliable solution.

10 benefits of managed IT Services

Why choose managed IT services? What are managed IT services’ contributions to a busy workplace? Choosing a provider for your managed IT services benefits all aspects of your business, from your IT team to your other staff roles. As your business grows, you will enjoy the scalable approach that keeps all aspects of your network updated without detracting from your staff’s work.

1. Decreased risk of disbursement

Growing pains arise as your business grows, including where and how you invest money. You need a stable budget that pays your staff while managing other unexpected expenses. When you enter a contract with a trusted MSP, you’ll bypass unexpected fees associated with network management.

Consider the resources needed to keep your internal IT staff trained and paid for managing your centralised network. Think about the amount of time they need to deal with task management.

When you delegate management to a reputable provider, you delegate both in-house tasks and general maintenance to the appropriate parties. While your internal IT team works on business growth through software solutions, an MSP deals with daily maintenance and support. You enjoy more predictable and reduced expenses.

2. Less burden on your IT team

Your internal IT staff should target solutions that place your business at the top of its industry. If they must spend lots of time handling network or security issues, your business’s performance can suffer. You want your IT team to focus on pushing your business above and beyond your competition, not constant maintenance.

When you partner with an MSP, you’ll save money by retaining current IT team members with a stable workload. This will accommodate your business’s consistent, strategic growth, translating into a cost-effective solution.  

3. More adaptable working concessions

Many businesses have employees who either work remotely or combine in-office and remote schedules. This work style shows no signs of tapering as employees and businesses reap several benefits. However, increased remote work requires an adaptable network.

Your business should provide a uniform experience to all employees across the board. When you use an MSP, you ensure that your Clapton employee logs into the same network as the one located in West Norwood. A uniform network experience protects consistent workflow for everyone regardless of location.

4. Industry-specific skill

When you hire a service provider to manage your network, you need an MSP with skills and experience that easily translates into your industry. This ensures a smooth, seamless transition.

Many MSPs have administrators who understand the unique necessities of your business, saving time and money in the long run. Your provider will also keep your network updated with the latest industry software, giving you the competitive edge every business needs for success.

5. Convenient support services

Support for data compliance and cyber security are must-haves in a digital work environment. Emergencies don’t wait for your staff to clock in for the day. They can occur at any time. When your IT team goes home for the day, they won’t know about arising problems until they come back to a messy situation.

More serious problems like breached network security put your entire business at risk. A benefit of managed IT services includes support and network monitoring around the clock.

In 2020, 4 in 10 businesses experienced security breaches. A fifth of those businesses lost money as a result. When an MSP monitors a business’s network constantly, it can stop such breaches before they happen by targeting weaknesses at their source. As a result, your business saves time and money while keeping its reputation clean.    

6. Streamlined communication with providers

When you work with an MSP, you have one consistent point of contact for all software and hardware providers. Instead of calling one vendor after another in hopes of a solution, you simply call your contact. They will walk you through the process. Your representative will contact any vendors necessary to find a solution.

For example, Sonar IT provides help desk solutions that allow multiple forms of contact like text, chat, or phone calls. You also won’t waste time waiting for a London representative to pick up the phone. Plus, we will travel to you if we can’t solve the problem remotely. You can focus primarily on running your business while we handle vendor communication and troubleshooting.  

7. Greater scalability

Every business needs flexible resources that work with the ebb and flow of its needs. For example, your busiest time of year occurs during the holidays. You need managed IT services to meet your rising needs from October through December.

You require less support for the remainder of the year. MSPs often provide scalable plans where you pay for services as needed. You can increase the support you receive during the holidays with a pay-as-you-go plan. This cost-effective option ensures your business gets the support it needs no matter the season.  

8. Keeping pace with technological changes

Technology changes so quickly that many businesses struggle to keep up. When you use managed IT services, you keep your business network consistently updated while reducing risks in the long term. Your MSP will help you navigate changes in technology, economy, and government requirements, ensuring your business can safely overcome such challenges with minimal interruption to daily operations.  

9. Improved customer service

What are managed services doing to help you better serve your customers? When your internal IT team focuses on curating software solutions for your business, your customers enjoy a better user experience.

When your staff has a consistent experience regardless of location, they more easily navigate assisting all consumers with any reported issues. Plus, all data remains secure with 24-hour monitoring and support. Your business runs smoothly while providing a consistent, top-notch network to all parties involved. It’s a win for everyone!  

10. Perfect for small businesses

We previously discussed how managed IT services improve the way your business functions. But what if you have a small business? What is IT managed services’ main benefit for small businesses? You enjoy dependability and consistency.

Small business owners can’t afford to waste valuable resources on network management or tracking down contacts to do the work for them. Keeping a small business afloat is a delicate balancing act.

With MSPs like Sonar IT, you will never confront uncertainties like budget fluctuation, IT employee retention, or hidden system breaches. We’ll help secure your continued success for years to come.

Which managed IT service should you choose?

When you decide to use an MSP, you want a provider whose services match the unique needs of your business. The first step requires researching MSPs that service your industry and region. You want a reputable provider who promptly answers your inquiries using terms you understand. Below, we provided a few suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

Seek a provider with industry expertise

Each industry goes through different digital changes to meet its consumers’ evolving needs. While sweeping technological changes are among those adaptations, you also want an MSP that understands your unique business goals. Have a conversation with managed service providers about how they adjust their services to meet individual business needs in compliance with general digital updates.

Find a local provider that understands your regional infrastructure

Not all digital infrastructures rank equally. The United Kingdom holds the 14th rank for digital competence and adaptability on a global scale. Likewise, London’s digital infrastructure and development differ immensely from other UK cities. As you discuss contract details, shortlist providers who understand London’s infrastructure or otherwise tailor to your specific location.    

Focus on providers that offer scalability to meet your changing needs

Look for providers that focus on forward-thinking solutions to keep their clients updated. If you discover a provider uses antiquated solutions, avoid purchasing their services. Likewise, stay away from providers who offer little flexibility regarding operational changes. You need a provider that keeps your network and equipment updated while providing a dynamic approach to any business fluctuations you encounter.

Mind the details

When shopping for a suitable MSP, see if each provider can answer the following questions to your satisfaction:

  • What are their software certifications?
  • What are their contract options?
  • How will they maximise your investment?

MSPs that match your needs will know the software most often used in your field and have certifications to match. They will also discuss their contract options with you in detail, ensuring you understand how your business benefits from their service. They should also maintain a good attitude when responding to your inquiries. A positive introduction provides an excellent foundation for an ongoing professional relationship.

Scalable network management for you

Choosing a reputable MSP starts with understanding how general network operations work in your industry. Once you know your business needs, you can conduct careful research to make the best decision.

If you operate a small business, don’t avoid choosing an MSP. An operational and maintained network ensures your growth and future success. You can enjoy the benefits of managed IT services at your fingertips.

We can help you make informed decisions about IT subjects with our informative blog posts and other resources available on our website. Building a dynamic approach to technical problems now ensures that you tackle them successfully in the future.