Managed IT service myths and fallacies that could constrain your growth

Managed IT service providers are rising in popularity. We help you demystify the common misconceptions related to MSPs and enable you to acquire a cost-effective managed service provider.

We are witnessing an unprecedented wave of new digital technologies transforming business growth across the London area. The IT progress never stops, and every month there is a brand new digital tool that one-ups previous solutions in facilitating business growth! With such a relentless pace, companies struggle to keep up with all groundbreaking IT changes and updates. This painful asymmetry of digital needs versus digital capabilities produced a sizeable industry of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). 

MSPs are IT support companies that have ditched the obsolete break-fix method and offer continuous, all-inclusive IT services with a flexible service model. Managed service companies are a match made in heaven for businesses that don’t have the time and resources to develop an in-house IT department. MSPs are here to answer your digital needs confidently! MSPs provide a full range of IT services - from cloud computing, cybersecurity, help desk services, and technical support to implementing new IT capabilities.

You might think that all this is too good to be true. Occasionally, you would be right to assume that, since MSPs are like every other service provider - they vary wildly in quality and functionality. However, there is a widespread misconception that even the best MSPs in your region are a waste of precious resources. In today's blog, we will dispel these common myths that keep you from considering managed service providers as your outsource partners. 

Myth #1: Managed IT service providers cost a small fortune!

Our number one myth is why companies steer clear of managed service providers. The common belief that MSPs will create a gigantic hole in your monthly budget is a huge misconception. Yes, there are premium MSPs charging outrageous fees for their IT solutions. But that sentence is also applicable to every industry in the world! 

Instead of considering the price at face value, you should look at the price tag of MSPs offering sufficient quality and features for your specific business needs. By doing that, you quickly discover that many managed service companies have an affordable pricing model. In most cases, the pricing model depends on the per-user number, letting you adjust your service package proportionally to your growing business.

Most MSPs are very transparent with their pricing. They present an accessible pricing plan with a range of processes and functions in your selected package. MSPs also have flexible service offerings, letting you decide the best combination for your business.

So, do managed services cost more than one-off IT providers? They certainly do. But they also provide high-quality IT maintenance and upgrades for you around the clock. If your IT needs are minimal and don’t require dedicated expert attention, MSPs might be a cost-effective choice you desired. But if your needs go beyond that, the value provided by professional MSPs is practically a bargain compared to your alternatives. 

Myth #2: Benefits of using managed IT support services are painfully limited!

Another common fallacy is that managed service providers have a cookie-cutter approach to delivering IT solutions. Most companies believe they will only receive a limited range of features from MSPs, failing to justify a sizeable investment. 

To eradicate this belief, let’s quickly recount a sample size of features provided by a standard MSP. Managed services include:

  • A 24/7 Help desk support, ready to answer your questions and issues. 
  • A comprehensive cloud service that includes maximizing the value of your cloud providers like AWS, MS 365, and much more.  
  • Technology alignment, fCIOs, workload assessment, and big-picture IT analysis to enhance your business functions. 
  • Remote monitoring and management of your servers and data centers. 
  • On-demand services that are custom-built for your business needs. 

And that is just a fraction of the full MSP menu! Now, don’t get us wrong, countless managed service companies offer one-size-fits-all services with minimal value. But even the mid-tier MSP companies on the market have gone far beyond these limited offerings. You require time and effort to find the perfect managed service partner to complement your business, but a limited functionality should not remain on your list of concerns.

Myth #3: Managed service providers can not protect your data!

With cyber-attacks skyrocketing worldwide in recent years, companies are becoming more aware of their limited defensive capabilities. Many companies also believe that MSPs will not provide that personalized, air-tight defensive shield around their IT infrastructure. This fallacy stems from the fact that cybersecurity is perceived as dark magic, only conquerable by an in-house team of dedicated specialists.

This conception is not just wrong. It is also a costly one. Companies of all sizes are sinking their budgets into dedicated cybersecurity departments that get the job done but produce a laughable return on their colossal investment. 

So, we advise you not to fall into the same trap. Third-party entities like MSPs are equally as efficient in defending your precious data and digital assets. Since more than half of data disasters stem from human negligence, MSPs will focus on educating your workforce to avoid cyber pitfalls and traverse the digital landscape carefully. 

Managed security services also provide the latest cybersecurity methods of encrypting your data and securing your local or public network from outside threats. So, you are correct to assume that cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities, but there is no reason to pay double for the same level of protection! 

Myth #4: Managed IT solutions offer poor quality! 

This misconception might be the easiest one to debunk. We understand that countless companies can recount a disastrous experience working with an MSP. But due to the fundamental nature of managed services, these terrible MSPs are probably out of business by now! The reason is simple - ineffective, unresponsive, low-quality MSPs will quickly lose their clients. Lost clients lead to lost credibility and the absence of referrals, which are the lifeblood of managed service companies. 

So, to survive such a demanding market, successful MSPs maintain a consistently high level of service. Managed IT support companies can not afford to slack off and deliver middle-of-the-road IT solutions. In most cases, their track record speaks for itself, and with previous reviews readily available online, you can easily verify the MSP quality. 

On the flip side, the do-or-die nature of MSP business models warrants that your managed service partner will dedicate their undivided attention to your IT needs. An effective MSP gives you access to increased IT functionality and proactively simplifies your IT-related workload. And the best part? If you are unhappy with even the slightest details, a highly reputed MSP will do anything it takes to remedy your nagging issues! 

Myth #5: The MSP service model will mess up your IT infrastructure!

Last but certainly not least, we have a widespread belief that the moment you decide to outsource your IT procedures, you give up control over your IT infrastructure. While it is a logical conception, acquiring an MSP partner will never threaten the integrity of your digital ecosystem. Don't get it wrong - you are still firmly in control! 

MSP will not come in and reinvent the way you conduct your IT-related business. They will deliver managed IT services like remote support, hosting services, disaster recovery, improvements to business technology, and much more. These vital services will serve as natural extensions to your existing IT infrastructure. An expert-managed service provider will seamlessly weave new features and improvements in your network without producing any extra complications or unwanted workload changes. In short, MSPs will only add to your IT prowess. They will not try to reinvent what already works and cause your daily operations to become more complex.

In some instances, you might require to set up a managed platform, directly outsourcing most of your IT ecosystem. But even in this case, a high-quality MSP will ensure that every feature adeptly answers your needs and requests!

How using managed IT services model could redefine your business

Now that we have debunked the most popular myths surrounding MSPs, we can reach a logical conclusion. If you are a small or medium-sized company with a functional IT infrastructure, there is a big chance that an MSP could make your life significantly easier. A wisely chosen MSP partner will not only save you money and handle your complex projects in IT. They will enable you to focus on core business activities and forget the constant troubles of IT management, tech improvements, or daily issues with software and hardware.

IT services provided by MSPs are not one-off solutions that apply to your business like a band-aid. They are direct ways to build upon your digital progress and lead your digital transformation efforts! So, do not be afraid that MSPs will cost you a fortune, and provide limited features, low quality, or poor cyber defenses. With due diligence, you will acquire a lifetime IT partner that continuously augments your digital capabilities and fortifies your weaknesses!